GS Engineering is well-equipped to test materials, components, subsystems and vehicles. We can test suspension systems on our paved RMS courses, vehicle dynamics and braking systems on paved courses, durability and performance on a variety of obstacles and customizable off road courses. GS Engineering uses the latest technology to measure speed, displacement, acceleration, frequency, temperature, fuel consumption, and many others depending on your testing needs. We also have a private test course suited as a low visibility “shake down” course that prepares your vehicle for other high profile test events or government test courses.

Our comprehensive approach and full array of sensors and data acquisition equipment will provide your team with accurate and comprehensive results. From full vehicle tests to component level laboratory testing, GS Engineering can meet your testing needs. The GS Engineering test team has performed tests for vehicle OEM’s, Prime Contractors and Military clientele with great success. This diverse experience ensures your data quality and data integrity, and results in answers to your most difficult engineering questions.

Testing - Vehicle Simulation
Testing - Vehicle Simulation

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Testing & Validation
GS Engineering offers extensive vehicle testing and validation services, in support of development and performance testing activities, often conducted at our own purpose-built facilities.